Saturday, January 5, 2008

da right thing to do..

well.. there's this one day when i gat a call from a company a applied as a programmer.. they call for an inteview test.. gle hepi waktu tu XP

tp.. org kata.. panas xberpanjangan.. the day before the interview.. got message from head dept-tomorrow, there will be a department meeting tomorrow morning.. with MD..... siuuu~...... (T_T).. uhuk..

well.. bkan nk cerita betapa sedihnya aku xdpt g inteview tu(GLC tuuu.. sapa xsedih..).. cumanya.. dlm hidup.. kte sentiasa berada di persimpangan... the junction that decide u'r path onwards.. which way to go.. which path to take..

doing a lot of thinking.. so.. i let go... for da second time..


always thougt bout this.. what is da right thing to do... bcoz...

.. do things right is different than doing the right thing..


circleinspoon said...

other people can't say wats the right thing for u to do. it is yours to decide.they can only perhaps point you to the best direction forward, but sometimes, we need a detour before getting to the destination...

noname said...

hmm.. damn rite gal.. setiap aturan tu terkandung hikmah dan hijab yang tersendiri.. (^^)