Friday, March 7, 2008

reading is good.. XP

watching movies.. drama.. sometimes it can make u'r heart pounding damn hard.. as if u got a heart attack..

n as for me.. reading manga and anime gives me the worst attack.. not all actually.. n currently i'm reading manga "Ichigo 100%"....

.. gosh.. it really moves my heart n feelings.. dang.. this story is very good.. dang good.. it stories of a guy.. a looser i guess (well.. look who's calling someone a looser ).. this guy currently in high school.. his love story start in his end of middle school.. a story of his life with loves around him.. n this looser had just too much care n worries for everyone(girls..) ... just can't wait to reach the end.. my heart just won't stop.. as if it kicking my chest to get out.. dang.. dang..

..n da girls are cute too.. kyaaa~ XP

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