Monday, February 25, 2008

my weekdays at ofis..

((x+y*z)/w)square-root to a=stable, peaceful, happy life, and harmony

x? y? z? w? a?

find the value of those variables.. or maybe there's more variable in other to get the result above...
atau ia sememangnya xwujud... huahuahuahua!!

.. bad things comes after the good things.. n vice versa...
.. sadness comes after the happiness.. n vice versa..

so.. the formula is needed.. in order to break the wall(s)... heheee XD

every morning.. while having breakfast... after each scoop.. i'm wandering... what's the future i'm facing.. how is it gonna be.. some say future don't come to u.. it's us who decorate the future.. whether it's good or bad.. it's us who make it happen( which of course under Allah's will permission).. what lies ahead..

for some reason(which i don't know).. i'm gloomy today.. dono y.. chip(my officemate sat in front of me) keeps telling me "kj, knp mata ko cmtu" and she kuyu her eye as if she close her eye.. i guess that's how i look rite now.. dang..


it feels like remembering something bad, something horrible that i did in my past n now i'm...


sory xde tarikh kejadian.. hahahaha XD


dd dudu said...
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dd dudu said...

adeh dehh xpaham formulaa iteww (?_?) ;p

alahai kuyunye mate diee..

bukat kelopak mate cket2 ek.. 1..2..3.. bukak! ;p kiii

Thinking back and remembering is important, even if bad, in that it reminds u to learn from the past..

Yet u cannot keep revisiting the past regardless of what it looks like..u must move forward.

And now is the time to do it..

chaiyuk noName chaiyukk p('o')q

p/s ---> sekali sekala ckp byk byk lakk ;p

circleinspoon said...

hm..thinking about future=sumting dat i do everyday.
i know i dunt want to be in the computer world forever.
but to go from here to what i want, its hard. but not impossible. berusehe!

Penjual Tudung Online said...

yah, betul, aku setuju kata2mu itu, it's us who make our future,
it's our action who will determine what we are ten years from now, but for us Muslims, with Allah permissions of koz..

Bersusah-susah dahulu, harap2 senang la kemudian(motivasi utk diri aku ni sbnarnya,huhu)

Penjual Tudung Online said...

hemmm, mata ko kuyu ek??aku leh bayangkan situasi itu, haha

noname said...

ya2 arigato 4 dat XD